Swimming for Women!


Transform your life to be your very best.

If you're at a stage in life where you're ready to make a change, to find your true you—but are feeling stuck, let me help.
Patricia Breslin

4 different ways I can help

‘Who Am I?’ programme

A 12 week personal development programme for women who have become lost, stuck, suffered a relationship breakup—or just those who have been living their lives for others, people pleasing and never knowing who they really are.

Uncover your true identity, your purpose or passion for life, despite any adversity your may have experienced.

Event speaking

Bring inspiration to your audience!

Patricia regularly speaks at events centred around inspiring women and men on how to bring real change to their lives. 

Packed with empathy, narrative and an understanding of how we can become stuck in life, Patricia delivers engaging talks that can complement your event and leave attendees leaving with a new sense of purpose.

Book a power-hour consultation

Schedule an online 1-2-1 call with me to discuss anything you can fit into an hour about transforming your life or getting out of the rut you might be in.

Whether it’s about a toxic relationship, past traumas, alcohol or substance addiction—or you simply need a safe space to talk— I’m here to listen in complete privacy and with no judgement.

‘A Woman of Substance’ programme

A group programme delivered for organisations helping women in domestic abuse settings, such as Foyle Women’s Aid and Causeway Women’s Aid.

Designed to help you move from toxicity to authenticity, Women of Substance explores the underlying reasons behind toxic relationships and patterns of behaviour. 

Through this program, you will gain a deeper understanding of why you may have entered into a toxic relationship in the past, and how to break those patterns to cultivate healthier relationships in the future.


“There was plenty of information provided throughout the course. My self confidence is still something I am working on but I am able to identify more each and every day in relation to where I need to improve.

Thank you for opening up and sharing your own personal story and knowledge you have required throughout your journey. I look up to you and how far you have come… This gives me so much inspiration to work towards my own goals. 

I will miss our Tuesday class—I looked forward to it each week as it set me up with confidence and positivity for my week ahead.”

“I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this course. Patricia is a fantastic teacher. She is very approachable and understanding. Her ability to explain things was brilliant.

I am very grateful for Patricia’s course, as it has allowed me to be more educated and to have more knowledge and understanding and it has provided me with the tools to help me successfully move forward in my life having suffered Domestic Abuse.

Patricia and her course has given me improved confidence and strength that I didn’t have prior to the course.”